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Visit with children

Church visit with children

A visit to a church is not similar to a boring experience for children. Our volunteers and guides know how to tell the story of the church in a way that is on every kid’s level. Feel free to accost one of our volunteers – that is: if they haven’t talked to you before.

A special treat for our young visitors.

We have a choice of three photo quizzes. Each may appeal to one particular age range. Accompanying adults may feel tempted to join:

  • Our youngest friends are invited to go round the church and look for doggies. There are quite a number of small dogs depicted and dotted around the church. There is a very specific link with Saint Dominic, founder of the order of preachers, also called dominicans, who had this church built. A diagram of the church with photographs will set them on their way.
  • The somewhat older age group may be interested in going on a safari, spotting lions. In the Judeo-Christian tradition lions are often depicted. For example, the Lion Asian from The Chronicles of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis represents Jesus. A sheet with photographs and accompanying explanation will help the kids to locate the wildlife.
  • Teenagers may be tempted to search for 17th century musical instruments. Several paintings and our master organ have been adorned with musical instruments, that have almost been forgotten today. One does not have to be a musician to do this photo quiz. If you are a bit of a sleuth you will surely enjoy pulling this one off.

Ask the people at the reception desk for the worksheet of the quiz that appeals to you. Finish the quiz and hand in your answers. There may be a small award for you. And do not worry, if you did not get all the answers the main thing is for you to explore the beauty of our church in a somewhat alternative way.


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