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The church of Saint-Paul’s is an ancient and venerable institution. In order to ‘exist’ in today’s world it is imperative to be present in cyberspace. The Covid pandemic has made this necessity even more evident. It is therefore with pride that I write this introduction to the new website for Saint-Paul’s and its community.

Above all, Saint-Paul’s is a living community and the site visitor will experience this life in all its forms. Obviously attention is first and foremost directed to the worship and its ministers. Then to the church counsel which busies itself with all earthly worries. The ancient confraternities follow suit, of course, and the activities of both the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament and the Confraternity of Our Lady of the Rosary are highlighted. Saint-Paul’s is the prime music church in Antwerp. The orchestral masses celebrated on holy days represent a tradition that goes back centuries. Therefore the Music section is rightfully given center stage.

Saint-Paul’s is a house of worship and reflection. But it is also an Antwerp city icon, a treasury of history, architecture, art and beauty. The Saint Paul’s Academy combines all these features and creates a wonderful story for our 100.000 visitors from all over the world. For ages and up till this very day the Friends of Saint Paul’s have heartily welcomed them.

Whatever you look for, you are bound to find it at Saint Paul’s. Whether it be insight, peace, inspiration, beauty or tranquility. Saint-Paul’s is and remains a beacon of light in the metropolis.

Paul Bistiaux

Chairman of the Church Counsel at Saint Paul’s Antwerp


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