Saint Paul's Academy & Editors

Saint Paul’s is first and foremost a church, a sacred place. Yet a community feels at home here, which is broader than just the community of faith. Due to its symbiosis of religion, heritage, art and culture, Saint Paul’s Church has occupied a special place within the current socio-cultural landscape of the city of Antwerp.

Our mission

For years, volunteers and professionals have been committed to perpetuating the privileged position of Saint-Paul’s.

Today volunteers gather here alongside professionals (in-house and guests), with a background in the musical and art-historical field to what we today call the “Saint Paul’s Academy”.

Fixed heritage moments

Saint-Paul’s cooperates in several annually returning cultural initiatives of the local authorities or the Flemish Community (Heritage Day, Open Monument Day, Cultuurmarkt: cultural market).

We are even on the list of participants of euro-regional (Night of the Churches) and global organizations such as Slow Art Day.


Saint Paul’s occasionally welcomes guest speakers for lectures in the church or in a former school building, called ‘het Schooltje’.

History, art and music are the main topics. These lectures or debates mostly take place on the occasion of commemorations, exhibitions or other events.

Exhibitions and events

Saint-Paul’s organizes yearly exhibitions and we frequently welcome other organizations who wish to show their project at our beautiful church.

We prefer to add concerts or lectures to our exhibitions so that visitors may appreciate the subject from different angles and obtain an overall picture.

Be sure to check our agenda and social media for upcoming exhibitions and events!


Would you like to stay informed?

We send a weekly newsletter with activities and information from the Saint Paul’s community.