Plan your visit

Subject to covid-19 you can visit our church all year round: alone or in a group. If desired, one of our guides will give you the necessary explanation. Saint-Paul’s is easily accessible by walking or public transport, you can easily combine a visit with a trip to the historic center or the Eilandje, everything is within walking distance.

Practical info

Our church is easily accessible for those who walk, cycle or take public transport.

Motorists can park further away. It is also free and easily accessible for wheelchair users. In the summer we are open every afternoon, but Corona is now causing restrictions. More practical information later in this section.

Guided tours

Many visitors come to visit our church on their own, but groups of friends or associations and organizations of the most diverse backgrounds are of course more than welcome too.

If desired, the Saint-Paul’s friends would provide for a suitable welcome and a guided tour. They have something extra in store: special self guided photosheets for children.

Visit with children

For children a visit to Saint-Paul’s is not similar to a boring experience.

Our volunteers and guides know how to tell the story of the church in a way that is on every child’s level. Feel free to accost one of our volunteers – that is: if they haven’t talked to you spontaneously.

Friends of Saint-Paul's

The Sint-Paulusvrienden (literally: the Friends of Saint Paul’s) are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who welcome visitors to the church of Saint Paul’s and provide them with information not only on the religious but on the abundant (im)material heritage as well.

The non-profit organisation was founded on January 20th 1982 and was meant to coordinate all of the 45 then existing associations in the parish. A monthly magazine, Sint-Paulus-Info was started about the same time.


The church houses a veritable treasure trove of works of art, most of which was made for Saint Paul and thus shines in its natural habitat to this day.

Absolute outliers in this sacred museum church are undoubtedly the 15 Mysteries, a sample of the Flemish Baroque, and the unparalleled confessional of Willem Kerricx in the southern transept.

*NEW as from April 1st, 2022* The opening up of the crypt and the archaeological site is undoubtedly a new highlight during your visit to st. Paul’s church! Dive into the underground with a guide and marvel at the monastery and church of the Dominicans during the Middle Ages! Go to ‘practical information’ for individual visit or to ‘guided tours’ for groups and discover everything about this gem of unexpected Antwerp from the 13th century and how you can visit it!


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