Night of the museums

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Night of the museums

Night of the Museums

The Night of the Museums is organized in Antwerp on the first Saturday of August. With one ticket you have access to several museums.

2018: Nightravens, Unite!

On Saturday 3 August 2018, lovers of culture and darkness will come to Antwerp for Museum Night. 20 Antwerp museums swing open their doors and seduce you with concerts, workshops and guided tours. One church is participating: St. Paul’s Church. We map out a route to channel the many visitors: via the 15 Mysteries to the Chapel of the Cross, then to the crypt to end in the garden at Sint-Paulusstraat.

Artist duo Kristo&Kristo shows and comments on his work: ‘The lamentation of the sun’s child’ in the Kruiswegkapel.

Valerie Van Roey, Wilfried Van den Brande and Peter Van de Velde provide a musical program.

Of the 9,600 visitors to Museum Night, 2,805 have passed by our church.

2019: Even more people!

Our church is participating again. We draw lessons from the previous year and draw up a strict organizational plan.

For 24 hours, a group of young people is locked up in the crypt of the church. They come from Warsaw, Tilburg, Manchester and Antwerp. Driven by lack of sleep, they create an artistic performance with the church as a backdrop. They are inspired by the location.

From the ‘Schooltje’, a long-disused but beautifully restored building, visitors can look through the windows into a courtyard, around which the beautiful monastic buildings can be observed. A 17th century map of the site is shown on a white wall. A guide tells a story of beauty and decay. The newest hidden gem of Antwerp.

Rubens’Dispuut is also put in the spotlight. Soprano Liesbeth Devos and bass-baritone Wilfried Van den Brande provide the musical part.

With 12,000 visitors, Museum Night 2019 is a blast.

We receive no fewer than 3735 visitors. This makes us the most visited location after the MAS. We put together a dazzling program with various performances by soloists.

2020: no museum night


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