Saturday the 27th of July, from 6 am until 6 pm, 12 hours non-stop music


gepost op: 7 June 2024

With the performance of Vexations at St Paul’s we are achieving three firsts. As far as we know, no performer has ever attempted the project solo before, secondly on different instruments and last but not least at different locations. “I’m especially looking forward to the early morning session in the high choir, which will be a magical moment. John Cage wrote that you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you start this work with a simple mind, I will definitely do my best.” These are the words of Bart Rodyns, our titular organist who will be tormented, teased and taunted at St Paul’s on Saturday, July 27th.

‘Vexations’ was written in 1893 by Erik Satie (1866 – 1925), the teasing composer on duty. It has barely 18 notes, divided over 3 lines, which are repeated 840 times according to an arithmetic scheme. Bart will spread the performance over twelve hours.


entrance on Sint-Paulusstraat
doors and box office open at 5:30 am
You can buy tickets at the box office at the usual rates for a tourist visit to the church. You are embraced by a wristband that gives you access all day long to the event.

6am – 8am: sunrise in the high choir, harmonium – unique symbiosis between silence and music
8am – 11am: Satie & Breakfast in ‘t Schooltje, piano – extensive breakfast buffet with Bart at the grand piano
11am – 2pm: summer afternoon in the Calvary garden, digital keyboard – stroll through this peaceful oasis, the music descends on you
2pm – 5pm: time for the big work in the church, historic organ – away the silence, fleeing from Satie is no longer possible
5pm – 6pm: dim atmosphere and soloist in the crypt, chest organ – come and see, will Bart Rodyns survive his marathon?


where? in ‘t Schooltje (small building on the church’s premises)
price: only 15 euros per person for an extensive breakfast buffet
Reservations can be made no later than July 23th by sending an email to and making a payment to the organiser, Muziekkapel Sint-Paulus, on account number BE15 3631 2226 7530. Mention your name, email address and number of people, we will send you a confirmation.

Drinks and food:

where? in the crypt (also in the Lourdes garden when the weather is nice)
from 2pm to 6pm


19th of November – church exceptionally closed for tourism

gepost op: 12 November 2023

The church is exceptionally closed today due to a concert. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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our sincere apologies

Church closed for tourism on the 1th of July

gepost op: 01 July 2023

Today the church will be closed for tourism. We open again tomorrow at 2 o’clock.

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