Monastic community of Saint-Paul’s

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Monastic community of Saint-Paul’s

Our Dominican community: seven Dominican Fathers

Together we are seven fathers. Three Belgians, one Congolese and three from India. Fathers of all ages: young, middle-aged and senior. Our young colleagues are still busy completing their university studies.

In our community at the Antwerp Veemarkt we do everything in mutual consultation. Every day we have our prayer times. Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Evening Prayer.

We cook ourselves. Each of us has our day to cook. Flemish cuisine, Congolese cuisine or good spicy dishes from India.

Together we are pastor of St. Paul’s Parish. We live together in one community. Yes, it’s like a family living together. Corona time has also been a blessed time for us. By spending a lot of time together in one house, we got to know and appreciate each other better.

Dominican friars are students. One writes books, another reads many articles, another father conducts video conferences. Yet another immerses himself in another apostolate, such as care for the ill or care for the elderly.

The time after corona will show in which direction each of us can contribute. Gradually we will get to know the ins and outs of the parish. Our search begins now. Our way has yet to be made and we do this “Slowly but surely, but surely slowly”. Greetings from all of us!



Didier Croonenberghs o.p.

Parish priest Saint Paul’s Church



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