Celebrations on Sundays

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Celebrations on Sundays

Sunday Celebrations at Saint-Paul’s Antwerp

Under normal circumstances, there is a celebration every Sunday at 10:30 am. The church is then accessible via the Veemarkt and the gate at Sint-Paulusstraat 22. For the celebrations on ecclesiastical days, it is recommended to consult the calendar on this website.

A few tips to experience a beautiful celebration

The parish community of Saint-Paul’s invites you to participate in the encounter with Jesus Christ during a prayer or Eucharistic celebration, together with the Dominican friars of our community in Antwerp. Meeting the living Lord during a celebration in the beautiful setting of our Saint-Paul’s is a special spiritual experience. Under normal circumstances, there is a mass every Sunday at 10:30 am. The church is then accessible via the Veemarkt (corner Veemarkt/Zwartzusterstraat) and the gate at 22 Sint-Paulusstraat.

The General Ceremonial of St. Paul's Church

The ceremonial of St. Paul’s Church is appointed by the
pastor. He bears ultimate responsibility for the “liturgy working group” of the parish. The ceremoniarii of both chapels assist him in his task.

He makes the necessary arrangements with everyone involved in the liturgy: the celebrant, the ceremoniarii of both chapels, the intendant of the Music Chapel, the titular organist, the church council, etc. For all major
ceremonies and orchestra masses, he always draws up a script
in which the course of the ceremony is described and the tasks are divided.

On solemnities and special ceremonies he carries the ceremony staff
of St. Paul’s Church as an outward sign of its function.


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