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Anointing of the ill

We anoint you with our love and God’s nearness… People used to call this sacrament ‘the Holy Unction’. The sacrament of the anointing of the ill is a ritual that aims to give strength to those who are seriously ill.

Its two main parts are: the laying on of hands and the anointing. They express exactly what the ill person desires: good care and security from people around him, but also from God. Ointments with oil that want to make healthy or whole again. An anointing of the sick is not an event between the ill person and the priest alone.

The family and also the carers are part of it. In that wide circle, prayers are made with the ill person and these meaningful gestures are made.

If you are seriously ill and you desire God’s presence to make you strong, you may long for the anointing of the sick. Please contact pastor Didier Croonenberghs via He will be happy to come to your home or to the care institution.

Say farewell

One of your loved ones has passed away. Now comes the time to say farewell. As Christians, we are invited to entrust the deceased to God. In this way we express our love for her/him and our hope in the resurrection. In doing so, we want to honestly take into account the wishes of the deceased and his family.

It goes without saying that you can contact the parish officials for all questions, proposals, wishes… regarding this farewell. Their name and telephone number can be found on this website.

Contact pastor Didier Croonenberghs for an appointment via pastoor@sintpaulusantwerpen.beor via 0497 23 83 60


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