Parish & Liturgy

Saint Paul is first and foremost a religious community. Our church offers the usual Catholic worship services, but it is also home to several historical brotherhoods. Originally a Dominican church, the link with this order has been restored after two centuries. The parish is led again by a pastor of the Dominican order since 2021. The parish engages in charitable work through the Sint-Vincentiusgroep.

Worship services

Every Sunday you can join us for a Eucharistic celebration and on appointment for a Christian experience of the milestones in your life: baptism, marriage and funeral.


Saint-Paul’s is home to no fewer than five brotherhoods or chapels, each with a colorful history.

Two of these feature prominently in the church with masterpieces by Caravaggio and Rubens.


In 2021 it was 800 years ago that Domingo de Guzmàn, the founder of the Dominicans, died.

This Dominican order founded our church in the 13th century. After an absence of two centuries, the preachers are today once again prominent in our parish.


For over a century the Saint Vincent de Paul group of our parish has been inspired by what Jesus instructed us to do by example, namely to stand by and help our fellow men and women in need.

We are part of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul founded in 1833 in France by lay Catholics and grown into an NGO that today is present in over 150 countries, with 800,000 members. The Conferences took St Vincent as their patron saint. He lived in the 17th century and was an icon of charity in his own time. The Society was modelled on his call to “see Christ in the poor and to be Christ to the poor.”


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